Why Support Kreider Alliance?

Why Support Kreider Alliance….

The 2016-2017 Membership Drive for Kreider Alliance underway. This year’s theme is “Like You, We Chase Our Own Dreams.” Persons with disabilities are no different from others who reach for the dreams that motivate them. Whether it’s being employed with a regular job, going on vacation or learning a new skill, those dreams are personal and meaningful!
It continues to be an exciting time for Kreider Alliance. The organization’s name changed last year, but our mission has remained the same. During the past 63 years, this advocacy organization, as well as Kreider Services, has grown by leaps and bounds. A driving force for the Kreider Alliance continues to be offering advocacy, education and support to ALL communities served by Kreider Services.
As a member of Kreider Alliance you will:

  • Be a partner member in the Arc of Illinois and receive the state Arc’s e-newsletter which contain educational trainings, legislative updates and things going on in Illinois and nationally with the Arc.
  • Make our voice in Springfield louder with legislation in regards to the rights for people with disabilities.
  • Receive information at the local level on trainings and events.
  • Receive the opportunity to participate in the parents’ meetings held monthly for those that are parents or guardians of people with disabilities.
  • Receive Kreider Services’ print and newsletters which will keep you advised of new projects, fundraisers and programs.
  • Help support a very worthwhile cause.


Please, join our membership today.
Betsy Adams
President, Kreider Alliance